Sunday, October 10, 2010


As the prophets foretold I have returned for yet another installment of Brad Taylor Man Of Action!!! First off I feel an apology is in order, I understand that it has been far too long since the last time I posted and am surprised there hasn't been more rioting in the streets over it (people your not trying hard enough).

September we hardly knew thee, and good riddance. Seriously, September we are not on speaking terms, lets just see how the rest of the year goes and maybe I'll call you in 12 months but don't hold your breath. Much has changed in the stunning Broadway production that is my life this past month, everything at once in fact. Most importantly school has started, school being most important of course because I am always there. Up here visual problems wear knuckle dusters, and steel toed shoes. But I digress, I also started my new job at the school I love it I am the gate keeper, proud, strong, all powerful... well that might be a little over exaggerated basically I'm the door greeter for the registration office. pretty underwhelming right... wrong I have a desk and a computer, of course it's a PC but it's under the desk so people can't see it, so i just imitate Mac sounds while I help people.

But I fear the stress of school is starting to weigh in on me. for you see the college I am attending is a college that Brendan Fraser Graduated from. and the stress of school has taken his form in my dreams. the other night I dreamt that he started crashing at our apartment and Began demanding things until all my time was consumed serving him, for which he was ungrateful. In fact he proved to be such a disagreeable house guest me and Libby asked him to leave, he laughed at us turned on the TV and sat on our couch. But I have heard that this is not typical of the real Brendan Fraser.

Most my time out of school is spent at my desk at home working on school things. At times I fear that I'm going mad but then I get a quick vote of confidence from my giant roller skating pet rainbow trout with Beene Crosby's head and I'm ready to keep at it (he's got a lot of really great advise, at least when he hasn't been drinking; but you know what they say about fish). Well I think that will be all for now I'll try to keep this thing going better I must of forgot to feed the elves that usually write this, I mean it's been days since they cobbled anything and there's a funny smell in the hall closet.

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